What Is Generation Plan?

Generation Plan is entirely a product marketing and selling strategy where a company can sell consumable products or services directly to the end customers. In a competitive era like now company has to spend a lot of money for product marketing. But through this plan you have got an opportunity to sell your products or services without spend money for advertising.

If you want to promote any services or product but even with less effort then must go for this plan. There is no limit for the agent to introduce people with a limit. He can sponsor as much as he wants according to own will. Thus the team is getting quickly spread to a large area. Now you can promote your product or services to a large distance from you in less effort.


Advantages Of This Plan


1. you can promote your services/products without putting much effort for product marketing.
2. No limitation on adding sponsors, so one can add as many sponsor he wants.
3. If the team grow fast then profit will increase significantly.



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