MLM Board Plan

MLM Board plan is another popular yet complex plan in mlm business. People who have a very good idea in mlm like this plan. It is a bit complex plan and calculation is also a bit difficult than other mlm plans. Very few companies provide board plan mlm software.

How it works

In this plan there is a fix place which often known as board, where members will fill each place. After filling those places board will split and first member who start filling that board will go to next board. According to board level member will get his/her commission. How many places need to fill in a single board will be decided by company or organization.

Board Plan MLM Software

Board plan mlm software is to implement the board plan. This plan is a bit different from others mlm plans which are available in the market. Also people don’t hear about this plan so frequently like other plans. People who have a very good knowledge over network marketing and have a unique taste only work with this plan. It is a bit complex plan. So board plan mlm software calculation is also a bit complex. But we delivered this software to our couple of clients and calculation was error free.



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